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Local Live Music Venues

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Today is Wednesday 18th September 2019. 01:02:45 PM
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A guide to some of the live music events in the local area.

Click on FESTIVALS for a guide to local live music festivals


White Hart Hotel. Tel 01409 253475
Has Live entertainment quite often.

Social Club. Tel 01409 253162
Normally Last Saturday of the month
You have to be a member or signed in as a guest.

Football Club. Tel 01409 254295
You have to be a member or signed in as a guest.


West Country Inn. Tel 01237 441724 Mobile 07977 496 535
We run bands generally, every 1st Friday of the month subject to availability.
Late license until 1pm on that day.
E-mail :

Palladium Club. Tel 01237 478860
Every Tuesday Jamming Night.
Every Friday : Blues Night
Last Saturday of the month : Various Bands
Up to date details can be found on their website.

Joiners Arms. Tel 01237 472675
Friday and fortnightly : Don and Paul's Open House

Ocean View Country Music Club.
Braddicks Holiday Camp, The Elizabethan Club, Westward Ho

For Info Contact : P Steele :


Bridge Inn. Tel 01288 381316
Gary the landlord and freinds have a jam night every Monday


Carizma ( JJ's ) Tel 01288 352555
Live Bands and DJs
To visit

Inn On The Green. Tel 01288 356013
Live music most Saturday night's
Up to date details can be found on their website.

Jokers Fun Pub. Tel 01288 354648
Live music every Saturday night

Pinnoccios. Tel 01288
Cabaret on Friday nights.

Widemouth Manor. Tel 01288 361263
A weekly update is available on the website

Bullers Arms.( Marhamchurch) Tel 01288 361277
Live music every Saturday night.


The Stables Inn, Penstowe Park Tel: 01288 321010
Usually have live music two or three nights a week and are always looking out for bands and accoustic singers.


Green Inn. Tel : 01288 341450
Live music every Friday night
Jam night on Wednesdays

near Bideford
The Old Smithy Inn
Jam night on Tuesdays


The Cobweb Inn. Tel : 01840 250278
Live music every Saturday night.
Up to date details can be found on their website.

Whils't I make every effort to keep this list accurate we would advise that you telephone the venue before travelling very far to ensure that the act is appearing as planned.
As you will realise this is by no means a complete list but as more contacts are made we hope to present a more comprehensive idea of local live entertainment.

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