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Covering The Golden Era Of Vinyl

I have been collecting vinyl for many years now. It started in the late 70's when I started running Disco's. I soon found that you could easily buy anything in the charts but the older records had to be searched for. It took a long time to put together a selection of records that included a lot of older hits.
The arrival of the CD changed this situation as all of a sudden lots of these hits that were hard to find appeared on quite cheap compilations and anyone could easily equip themselves with a good selection of material. Nowadays with the internet and MP3 it is even easier.

Due partly to the inspiration of the Guinness Book of Records I started a collection of Number One singles and although I have a lot I still keep a lookout for ones I haven't got. The early ones are very often on 78rpm 10inch discs and a lot of the late ones were only available on black vinyl with no label, specially pressed for juke boxes.
I have included a list of 755 UK Number Ones which span from the start of UK record charts in 1953 to the close of 1996, the time when vinyl singles were mainly replaced by CD's and became extremely hard to find, especially in 7 inch.

I have a collection of 5000 Plus Singles which I have listed details of here for general interest. Many have photos of the sleeve artwork but there are still many waiting to be done. I have various other committments but a few more get added occasionally

a few 7 inch singles