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My Mission To Save The Ford Puma From Extinction

ford puma lineup
Four of my pumas in a line, from left to right 1999 Millenium Edition V reg, 2000 Millenium Edition W reg, 2001 1.7 Black X reg and 2001 Black Edition Y reg.

On looking back it would seem that 2017 was the year I set out on a singlehanded crusade to save the Ford Puma from extinction. I bought five between March and October.

Puma 1 March 2017 1.7 Panther Black 16 Jan 2001 X reg

I bought my first Puma on a whim, in March 2017 we had gone to see a car my freind was interested in and there was a Ford Puma for sale. I tried it out and liked it so much that after a little haggling I bought it. It had been garaged but not used for about 2 years so I had to fix a few things for an MOT.

Puma 2 May 2017 Millennium Edition 31 Dec 1999 V reg

After a while I thought it would be nice to have one of the Millenium Limited Edition models while they could still be found at a reasonable price or had been scrapped. At approaching 20 years in age quite a lot have suffered with rust and repair prices can be prohibitive. I bought this one from a dealer at Tavistock. It was quite scruffy and needed quite a lot of work to make it presentable including a respray. It was finished by November, passed an MOT and on the road for December

Puma 3 Jun 2017 1.7 Moondust Silver 18 June 1998 R reg

Puma 1.7 silver

I won this at a very reasonable price on a well known online auction site. On close inspection it is in need of some welding near the rear suspension so I have used it as a parts donor for some of the others. As it is an early model it is my intention to restore it at some point.

Puma 4 Jul 2017 Black Edition 30 Apr 2001 Y reg

Puma Black Edition

I bought this Black Edition from Somerset and the day we collected it was probably the wettest day of the year. At some points it was so heavy it was difficult to see more than 2 car lengths ahead. It had a short MOT and I had to do a few repairs shortly after buying it. I only used it for a short while as when the Millenium was finished I used that instead.

Puma 5 Oct 2017 Millenium 16 May 2000 W reg

Puma Millenium Edition number two

I wasn't looking for another Millenium but this one was at a price I couldn't refuse. It was an MOT failure but for all mechanical things and not rust. I had to replace a few suspension parts for an MOT but decided not to put it on the road until I had repaired the rear wheel arches which were the only rusty parts. I eventually replaced all the rusty metal in August 2019 and barring a few niggling minor faults and little dents that need attention it is virtually finished. It drives very well.

For a while I considered getting one for every year from S reg to 02 plate or maybe every colour but decided that was too silly and moved on to Toyota MR2's.